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Classic Hotel safe Series--FD-2042Y-1

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SPECIFICATON                       FD-2042Y-1
Product sizes(W*D*Hmm):420 x 370 x 200
Packing sizes(W*D*Hmm):460 x 415 x 240
Thickness of the safe body (mm):1.5
Thickness of the safe door (mm):4
Net weight (kg):10.4
Gross weight (kg):11.4
Loading (20'/40'/40'HQ):585/1260/1400


  • MODEL: FD-2042Y-1


    * Digital keypad with LED display
    * Auto electronic lock
    * 3 ways to open safe:
     Private code
     Master code
    * Low battery warning
    * Safe will be warning for 1-5 min,in case of 3 times wrong try
    * Pre-drilled holes with fixing bolts
    * Rust-proof surface with quality powder coating finishing
    * Audit trial of opening record
    * Emergency battery hole
    * Customisable dimention

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